Carmen Fenoll
  • Facultad de Ciencias Ambientales y Bioquímica, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid-UAM, Spain,1983

Current position

Full Professor of Plant Biology, Department of Environmental Sciences, Facultad de Ciencias Ambientales y Bioquímica, Universidad de Castilla-la Mancha, Toledo, Spain

Selected Publications (since 2005)

  1. Portillo, M., Cabrera, J., Lindsey, K., Topping, J., Andres, M. F., Emiliozzi, M., Oliveros, J. C., Garcia-Casado, G., Solano, R., Koltai, H., Resnick, N., Fenoll, C. and Escobar, C. (2013). Distinct and conserved transcriptomic changes during nematode-induced giant cell development in tomato compared with Arabidopsis: a functional role for gene repression. New Phytol 197(4): 1276-1290.
  2. Trivino, M., Martin-Trillo, M., Ballesteros, I., Delgado, D., de Marcos, A., Desvoyes, B., Gutierrez, C., Mena, M. and Fenoll, C. (2013). Timely expression of the Arabidopsis stoma-fate master regulator MUTE is required for specification of other epidermal cell types. Plant J.
  3. Barcala, M., Fenoll, C. and Escobar, C. (2012). Laser microdissection of cells and isolation of high-quality RNA after cryosectioning. Methods Mol Biol 883: 87-95.
  4. Delgado, D., Ballesteros, I., Mena, M. and Fenoll, C. (2012). Roles of constitutive photomorphogenic 10 in Arabidopsis stomata development. Plant Signal Behav 7(8): 990-993.
  5. Delgado, D., Alonso-Blanco, C., Fenoll, C. and Mena, M. (2011). Natural variation in stomatal abundance of Arabidopsis thaliana includes cryptic diversity for different developmental processes. Ann Bot 107(8): 1247-1258.
  6. Delgado, D., Ballesteros, I., Torres-Contreras, J., Mena, M. and Fenoll, C. (2012). Dynamic analysis of epidermal cell divisions identifies specific roles for COP10 in Arabidopsis stomatal lineage development. Planta 236(2): 447-461.
  7. Barcala, M., Garcia, A., Cabrera, J., Casson, S., Lindsey, K., Favery, B., Garcia-Casado, G., Solano, R., Fenoll, C. and Escobar, C. (2010). Early transcriptomic events in microdissected Arabidopsis nematode-induced giant cells. Plant J 61(4): 698-712.
  8. Jones, J., Fenoll, C. and Gheysen, G. (Editors). (2011). Genomics and molecular Genetics of Plant-Nematode Interactions. Springer, ISBN 978-94-007-0433-6.
  9. Gheysen, G. and Fenoll, C. (2011). Arabidopsis as a tool for the study of plant-nematode interactions (Chapter 8). In: Genomics and molecular Genetics of Plant-Nematode Interactions, Jones, Fenoll& Gheysen Eds., Springer, ISBN 978-94-007-0433-6.
  10. Escobar, C., Garcia, A., Aristizabal, F., Portillo, M., Herreros, E., Munoz-Martin, M. A., Grundler, F., Mullineaux, P. M. and Fenoll, C. (2010). Activation of geminivirus V-sense promoters in roots is restricted to nematode feeding sites. Mol Plant Pathol 11(3): 409-417.
  11. Barcala, M., Garcia, A., Cubas, P., Almoguera, C., Jordano, J., Fenoll, C. and Escobar, C. (2008). Distinct heat-shock element arrangements that mediate the heat shock, but not the late-embryogenesis induction of small heat-shock proteins, correlate with promoter activation in root-knot nematode feeding cells. Plant Mol Biol 66(1-2): 151-164.
  12. Portillo, M., Fenoll, C. and Escobar, C. (2006). Evaluation of different RNA extraction methods for small quantities of plant tissue: Combined effects of reagent type and homogenisation procedure on RNA quality-integrity and yield. Physiologia Plantarum 128(1): 1-7.
  13. J, D. E. M., Robertson, L., Parcy, F., Mena, M., Fenoll, C. and Gheysen, G. (2005). Differential activation of ABI3 and LEA genes upon plant parasitic nematode infection. Mol Plant Pathol 6(3): 321-325.
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