Stanislav Mandelc
  • Department of Agronomy, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D of Genetics, Postgraduate Study in Biological and Biotechnical Sciences, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010

Current position

Scientist in Analytical Development, Biologics Technical Development & Manufacturing Mengeš, Novartis, Slovenia


  1. Darja, O., Stanislav, M., Sasa, S., Andrej, F., Lea, B. and Branka, J. (2016). Responses of CHO cell lines to increased pCO2 at normal (37 degrees C) and reduced (33 degrees C) culture temperatures. J Biotechnol 219: 98-109.
  2. Flajsman, M., Mandelc, S., Radisek, S., Stajner, N., Jakse, J., Kosmelj, K. and Javornik, B. (2016). Identification of Novel Virulence-Associated Proteins Secreted to Xylem by Verticillium nonalfalfae During Colonization of Hop Plants. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 29(5): 362-373.
  3. Kolenc, Z., Vodnik, D., Mandelc, S., Javornik, B., Kastelec, D. and Cerenak, A. (2016). Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) response mechanisms in drought stress: Proteomic analysis with physiology. Plant Physiol Biochem 105: 67-78.
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  5. Mandelc, S. and Javornik, B. (2015). The secretome of vascular wilt pathogen Verticillium albo-atrum in simulated xylem fluid. Proteomics 15(4): 787-797.
  6. Mandelc, S., Timperman, I., Radisek, S., Devreese, B., Samyn, B. and Javornik, B. (2013). Comparative proteomic profiling in compatible and incompatible interactions between hop roots and Verticillium albo-atrum. Plant Physiol Biochem 68: 23-31.
  7. Bregar, O., Mandelc, S., Celar, F. A. and Javornik, B. (2012). Proteome analysis of the plant pathogenic fungus Monilinia laxa showing host specificity. Food technol biotech 50(3): 326-333.
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