Christian Weber
  • Institute for Cardiovascular Prevention, Germany
Research focus
  • Immunology
Personal information


M.D., Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany (‘summa cum laude’), 1994
Facultas docendi and Venia legendi in Experimental Medicine, 1999

Current position

Chair in Vascular Medicine & Director, Institute for Cardiovascular Prevention, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany, 2010
Professor at Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM) & Director, Maastricht Center for Atherosclerosis Research (M-CAR), Maastricht University, the Netherlands, 2006

Publications (important)

>415 original articles & review articles, plenary lectures at Gordon & Keystone conferences, cum. IF >3.100, citations >20.000, h-index 74, m-index 3.1

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  2. Zernecke, A., Bidzhekov, K., Noels, H., Shagdarsuren, E., Gan, L., Denecke, B., Hristov, M., Koppel, T., Jahantigh, M. N., Lutgens, E., Wang, S., Olson, E. N., Schober, A. and Weber, C. (2009). Delivery of microRNA-126 by apoptotic bodies induces CXCL12-dependent vascular protection. Sci Signal 2(100): ra81.
  3. Koenen, R. R., von Hundelshausen, P., Nesmelova, I. V., Zernecke, A., Liehn, E. A., Sarabi, A., Kramp, B. K., Piccinini, A. M., Paludan, S. R., Kowalska, M. A., Kungl, A. J., Hackeng, T. M., Mayo, K. H. and Weber, C. (2009). Disrupting functional interactions between platelet chemokines inhibits atherosclerosis in hyperlipidemic mice. Nat Med 15(1): 97-103.
  4. Weber, C., Zernecke, A. and Libby, P. (2008). The multifaceted contributions of leukocyte subsets to atherosclerosis: lessons from mouse models. Nat Rev Immunol 8(10): 802-815.
  5. Bernhagen, J., Krohn, R., Lue, H., Gregory, J. L., Zernecke, A., Koenen, R. R., Dewor, M., Georgiev, I., Schober, A., Leng, L., Kooistra, T., Fingerle-Rowson, G., Ghezzi, P., Kleemann, R., McColl, S. R., Bucala, R., Hickey, M. J. and Weber, C. (2007). MIF is a noncognate ligand of CXC chemokine receptors in inflammatory and atherogenic cell recruitment. Nat Med 13(5): 587-596.
  6. Ostermann, G., Weber, K. S., Zernecke, A., Schröder, A. and Weber, C. (2002). JAM-1 is a ligand of the beta(2) integrin LFA-1 involved in transendothelial migration of leukocytes. Nat Immunol 3(2): 151-158.
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