Vivian Siegel
Personal information


Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, USA

Current position

Senior Editorial Advisor, Bio-protocol, USA
Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (08/2016-present)
Director of Education and Training, The Global Biological Standards Institute (11/2014-present)
Research Professor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (01/2012-present)

Currently an educator, coach, and consultant, Dr. Siegel has a keen interest in research reproducibility. In her work with GBSI, she develops new curricula aimed at improving data reproducibility, and views accurate reporting of research protocols as critical to this goal. She also regularly teaches scientific communication as well as authorship and peer review ethics at research universities around the world.

Dr. Siegel has accumulated decades of experience in scientific publishing. She joined the staff of Cell as senior editor in 1994, and succeeded Benjamin Lewin as editor-in-chief in 1999. While at Cell Press, she helped launch Molecular Cell, Developmental Cell, and Cancer Cell, and served as the editor-in-chief of Cell, Molecular Cell, and Developmental Cell (all at the same time). She left Cell Press to lead Public Library of Science as its founding Executive Director and one of the launch editors of PLoS Biology. In addition, she was also involved in the launches of many other leading scientific journals including PLoS Medicine, the PLoS Community journals, and Disease Models and Mechanisms.


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