Alfonso Andújar
  • Área de Genética, Universidad Miguel Hernández, Campus de Sant Joan d’Alacant, Spain
Research focus
  • Plant science
Personal information


B.S. in Biology, Biotechnology, University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain, 2003

Current position

Human Geneticist at Biomedicine Unit of Sistemas Genómicos, Valencia, Spain


  1. Rodriguez-Cazorla, E., Ripoll, J. J., Andujar, A., Bailey, L. J., Martinez-Laborda, A., Yanofsky, M. F. and Vera, A. (2015). K-homology nuclear ribonucleoproteins regulate floral organ identity and determinacy in arabidopsis. PLoS Genet 11(2): e1004983.
  2. Ripoll, J. J., Rodriguez-Cazorla, E., Gonzalez-Reig, S., Andujar, A., Alonso-Cantabrana, H., Perez-Amador, M. A., Carbonell, J., Martinez-Laborda, A. and Vera, A. (2009). Antagonistic interactions between Arabidopsis K-homology domain genes uncover PEPPER as a positive regulator of the central floral repressor FLOWERING LOCUS C. Dev Biol 333(2): 251-262.
  3. Luque, I., Riera-Alberola, M. L., Andujar, A. and Ochoa de Alda, J. A. (2008). Intraphylum diversity and complex evolution of cyanobacterial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. Mol Biol Evol 25(11): 2369-2389.
  4. Luque, I., Andujar, A., Jia, L., Zabulon, G., de Marsac, N. T., Flores, E. and Houmard, J. (2006). Regulated expression of glutamyl-tRNA synthetase is directed by a mobile genetic element in the cyanobacterium Tolypothrix sp. PCC 7601. Mol Microbiol 60(5): 1276-1288.
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