Krishna S. Tummala
  • Cancer Cell Biology Programme, Growth Factors, Nutrients and Cancer Group, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Spain
Research fields
  • Cancer biology
Personal information


Ph.D. in Molecular Biomedicine. Summa cum laude, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain, 2014

Current position

Post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Nabil Djouder’s lab at CNIO, Madrid, Spain (10/2014-present)


  1. Tummala, K. S. and Djouder, N. (2015). Oncogene-induced NAD(+) depletion in tumorigenesis. Oncoscience 2(4): 318-319.
  2. Tummala, K. S., Gomes, A. L., Yilmaz, M., Grana, O., Bakiri, L., Ruppen, I., Ximenez-Embun, P., Sheshappanavar, V., Rodriguez-Justo, M., Pisano, D. G., Wagner, E. F. and Djouder, N. (2014). Inhibition of de novo NAD(+) synthesis by oncogenic URI causes liver tumorigenesis through DNA damage. Cancer Cell 26(6): 826-839.
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