Liang Sun
  • KU Leuven – University of Leuven, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Rega Institute for Medical Research, Laboratory of Virology and Chemotherapy, Belgium
Research fields
  • Microbiology
Personal information


Ph.D candidate, Rega institute, KU Leuven, Belgium, 2017

Current position

Ph.D student, Virology, Rega institute, KU Leuven, Belgium


  1. Tassini, S., Sun, L., Lanko, K., Crespan, E., Langron, E., Falchi, F., Kissova, M., Armijos-Rivera, J. I., Delang, L., Mirabelli, C., Neyts, J., Pieroni, M., Cavalli, A., Costantino, G., Maga, G., Vergani, P., Leyssen, P. and Radi, M. (2017). Discovery of Multitarget Agents Active as Broad-Spectrum Antivirals and Correctors of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator for Associated Pulmonary Diseases. J Med Chem 60(4): 1400-1416.
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  4. Drenichev, M. S., Oslovsky, V. E., Sun, L., Tijsma, A., Kurochkin, N. N., Tararov, V. I., Chizhov, A. O., Neyts, J., Pannecouque, C., Leyssen, P. and Mikhailov, S. N. (2016). Modification of the length and structure of the linker of N(6)-benzyladenosine modulates its selective antiviral activity against enterovirus 71. Eur J Med Chem 111: 84-94.
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