Barbara Gravendeel
  • Naturalis Biodiversity Center, The Netherlands
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D in Botany, National Herbarium of the Netherlands, Leiden University, 2000

Current Position

Chair in Biodiversity, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Applied Sciences Leiden & Naturalis Biodiversity Center, the Netherlands

Publications (since 2001)

  1. Ghorbani, A., Gravendeel, B., Selliah, S., Zarre, S. and de Boer, H. (2016). DNA barcoding of tuberous Orchidoideae: A resource for identification of orchids used in Salep. Mol Ecol Resour.
  2. Schwallier, R., Gravendeel, B., de Boer, H., Nylinder, S., van Heuven, B. J., Sieder, A., Sumail, S., van Vugt, R. R. and Lens, F. (2016). Evolution of wood anatomical characters in Nepenthes and close relatives in Caryophyllales. Annals of Botany.
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  11. Kok, E. T., Jong, M. J., Gravendeel, B., van Leeuwen, W. B., Baars, E. W. (2015). Resistance to Antibiotics and Antifungal Medicinal Products: Can Complementary and Alternative Medicine Help Solve the Problem in Common Infection Diseases? The Introduction of a Dutch Research Consortium. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
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  13. Sulistyo, B. P., Boos, R., Cootes, J. E. and Gravendeel, B. (2015). Dendrochilum hampelii (Coelogyninae, Epidendroideae, Orchidaceae) traded as 'Big Pink' is a new species, not a hybrid: evidence from nrITS, matK and ycf1 sequence data. PhytoKeys (56): 83-97.
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