Aziz Aziz
  • URVVC EA4707, UFR Sciences, University of Reims, France
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Rennes 1, Rennes, France, 1996

Current position

Associate Professor HDR in Plant Biology and Plant-Microbe interactions, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Reims, Reims, France


  1. Aziz, A., Verhagen, B., Magnin-Robert, M., Couderchet, M., Clément, C., Jeandet, P. and Trotel-Aziz, P. (2015). Effectiveness of beneficial bacteria to promote systemic resistance of grapevine to gray mold as related to phytoalexin production in vineyards. Plant & Soil.

  2. Gruau, C., Trotel-Aziz, P., Villaume, S., Rabenoelina, F., Clement, C., Baillieul, F. and Aziz, A. (2015). Pseudomonas fluorescens PTA-CT2 Triggers Local and Systemic Immune Response Against Botrytis cinerea in Grapevine. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 28(10): 1117-1129.
  3. Hatmi, S., Gruau, C., Trotel-Aziz, P., Villaume, S., Rabenoelina, F., Baillieul, F., Eullaffroy, P., Clement, C., Ferchichi, A. and Aziz, A. (2015). Drought stress tolerance in grapevine involves activation of polyamine oxidation contributing to improved immune response and low susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea. J Exp Bot 66(3): 775-787.
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  5. Ikbal, F. E., Hernandez, J. A., Barba-Espin, G., Koussa, T., Aziz, A., Faize, M. and Diaz-Vivancos, P. (2014). Enhanced salt-induced antioxidative responses involve a contribution of polyamine biosynthesis in grapevine plants. J Plant Physiol 171(10): 779-788.
  6. Seifi, H., De Vleesschauwer, D., Aziz, A. and Hofte, M. (2014). Modulating plant primary amino acid metabolism as a necrotrophic virulence strategy: the immune-regulatory role of asparagine synthetase in Botrytis cinerea-tomato interaction. Plant Signal Behav 9(2): e27995.
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  11. Verhagen, B., Trotel-Aziz, P., Jeandet, P., Baillieul, F. and Aziz, A. (2011). Improved resistance against Botrytis cinerea by grapevine-associated bacteria that induce a prime oxidative burst and phytoalexin production. Phytopathology 101(7): 768-777.
  12. Dosnon-Olette, R., Schroder, P., Bartha, B., Aziz, A., Couderchet, M. and Eullaffroy, P. (2011). Enzymatic basis for fungicide removal by Elodea canadensis. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 18(6): 1015-1021.
  13. Verhagen, B. W., Trotel-Aziz, P., Couderchet, M., Hofte, M. and Aziz, A. (2010). Pseudomonas spp.-induced systemic resistance to Botrytis cinerea is associated with induction and priming of defence responses in grapevine. J Exp Bot 61(1): 249-260.
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