Chris Tibbitt
  • Post-Doc, Karolinska Institutet
Research fields
  • Cancer Biology, Immunology
Personal information


PhD, Newcastle University, 2015

Lab information

Jenny Mjösberg Lab

Research focus

- T helper cell differentiation
- ILC differentiation
- Allergy
-Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Junjie Ma^, Christopher A Tibbitt^, Susanna K Georén, Murray Christian, Ben Murrell, Lars-Olaf Cardell, Claus Bachert, Jonathan M Coquet. ‘Single cell analysis pinpoints populations of cytotoxic CD4 T cells and an IL-10+CD109+ Th2 cell population in nasal polyps’. (2021). Science Immunology, 6 (62), eabg6356. ^denotes joint authorship.

Leona Rohrbeck, Monika Adori, Shan Wang, Chenfei He, Christopher A. Tibbitt, Mark Chernyshev, Madle Sirel, Ulf Ribacke, Mohammad Bohooly-Y, Mikael Karlsson, Gunilla Karlsson Hedstam, Jonathan M Coquet. ’GPR43 regulates marginal zone B‐cell responses to foreign and endogenous antigens.’ (2021). Immunology and Cell Biology 99, no. 2: 234-243.

Banu Batyrova, Fien Luwaert, Panagiota Maravelia, Yuria Miyabayashi, Neha Vashist, Julian M. Stark, Sara Y. Soori, Christopher A Tibbitt, Paulo Reise, Jonthan M Coquet, Benedict Chambers. ’PD‐1 expression affects cytokine production by ILC2 and is influenced by peroxisome proliferator‐activated receptor‐γ.’ (2020). Immunity, inflammation and disease 8, no. 1: 8-23.*

Christopher A Tibbitt^, Julian M Stark^, Liesbet Martens, Junjie Ma, Jeffrey E Mold, Kim Deswarte, Ganna Oliynk, Xiaogang Feng, Bart N Lambrecht, Pieter De Bleser, Susanne Nylén, Hamida Hammad, Marie Aresenian Henriksson, Yvan Saeys, Jonathan M Coquet (2019). ‘Single-Cell RNA Sequencing of the T helper response to House Dust Mites reveals defines a distinct gene expression signature in airway Th2 cells’. Immunity 51, pp. 1-16. ^Denotes joint authorship.

Christian Seitz, Sang Liu, Katrin Klocke, Anne-Laure Joly, Paulo V Czarnewski, Christopher A Tibbitt, Sara M Parigi, Lisa S Westerberg, Jonathan M Coquet, Eduardo J Villablanca, Kasja Wing, John Andersson. (2019) ‘Multi-facted inhibition of dendritic cell function by CD4+ Foxp3+ regulatory T cells’. Journal of Autoimmunity, 98, pp.86-94.

Monica Centa, Kajsa E Prokopec, Manasa G Garimella, Katrin Habir, Lisa Hofste, Julian M Stark, Albert Dahdah, Christopher A Tibbitt, Konstantinos A Polyzos, Anton Gisterå, Daniel K Johansson, Nobuyo N Maeda, Göran K Hansson, Daniel FJ Ketelhuth, Jonathan M Coquet, Christoph J Binder, Mikael CI Karlsson, Stephen Malin, (2018) ‘Acute loss of apolipoprotein E triggers an autoimmune response that accerlerates atherosclerosis’. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, 38 (8), pp.e145-e158.

Ting Chen^, Christopher A Tibbitt^, Xiaogang Feng, Julian M Stark, Leona Rohrbeck, Lisa Rausch, Saikiran K Sedimbi, Mikael CI Karlsson, Bart N Lambrecht, Gunilla B Karlsson Hedestam, Rudi W Hendriks, Benedict J Chambers, Susanne Nylén, Jonathan M Coquet. (2017) ‘PPAR-γ promotes type 2 immune responses in allergy and nematode infection. Science Immunology, 2(9), p.eaal5196. ^Denotes joint authorship.

Christopher A Tibbitt, Jane Falconer, Jeroen Stoop, Willem van Eden, John H Robinson, Catharien MU Hilkens. (2016) ‘Reduced TCR-dependent activation through citrullination of a T-cell epitope enhances Th17 development by disruption of the STAT3/5 balance’. European Journal of Immunology, 46 (7), pp1633-1643.

Christopher A Tibbitt, Jonathan M Coquet. ‘House Dust Mite Extract and Cytokine Instillation of Mouse Airways and Subsequent Cellular Analysis’. Bio-protocol 6(14): e1875. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.1875.

Jeroen N Stoop, Christopher A Tibbitt, Willem van Eden, John H Robinson, Catharien MU Hilkens. (2013) ‘The choice of adjuvant determines the cytokine profile of T cells in proteoglycan-induced arthritis but does not influence disease severity’. Immunology, 138 (1), pp.68-75.

Review articles

Julian M Stark, Jonathan M Coquet, Christopher A Tibbitt. ‘The role of PPAR-g in allergic diseases’. Current Allergy and Asthma Reports. Accepted.

Julian M Stark^, Christopher A Tibbitt^, Jonathan M Coquet. 'The Metabolic Requirements of Th2 Cell Differentiation'. (2019). Front. Immunol. 10:2318. . ^Denotes joint authorship.
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