Paul D. Fraser
  • Biochemistry department, Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom
Research fields
  • Cell biology
Personal information


Ph.D in Biochemistry, Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL), England

Current position

University of London Professor in Biochemistry
Head of Plant Molecular Sciences RHUL
Coordinator FP7 DISCO project (
Coordinator ERA-IB PROCAR
WP Leader FP7 MultiBioPro (
WP Leader TomGem (
Work group leader COST ACTION CA15136 (
Vice-Chair COSTACTION FA1006 (


  1. Mortimer, C. L., Misawa, N., Ducreux, L., Campbell, R., Bramley, P. M., Taylor, M. and Fraser, P. D. (2016). Product stability and sequestration mechanisms in Solanum tuberosum engineered to biosynthesize high value ketocarotenoids. Plant Biotechnol J 14(1): 140-152.
  2. Perez-Fons, L., Wells, T., Corol, D. I., Ward, J. L., Gerrish, C., Beale, M. H., Seymour, G. B., Bramley, P. M. and Fraser, P. D. (2014). A genome-wide metabolomic resource for tomato fruit from Solanum pennellii. Sci Rep 4: 3859.
  3. Jones, M. O., Perez-Fons, L., Robertson, F. P., Bramley, P. M. and Fraser, P. D. (2013). Functional characterization of long-chain prenyl diphosphate synthases from tomato. Biochem J 449(3): 729-740.
  4. Mora, L., Bramley, P. M. and Fraser, P. D. (2013). Development and optimisation of a label-free quantitative proteomic procedure and its application in the assessment of genetically modified tomato fruit. Proteomics 13(12-13): 2016-2030.
  5. Nogueira, M., Mora, L., Enfissi, E. M., Bramley, P. M. and Fraser, P. D. (2013). Subchromoplast sequestration of carotenoids affects regulatory mechanisms in tomato lines expressing different carotenoid gene combinations. Plant Cell 25(11): 4560-4579.
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