Isabelle Henry Plant Biology Dept. and Genome Center, University of California, USA
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Luca Comai Plant Biology Dept. and Genome Center, University of California, USA
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Ek Han Tan
  • Plant Biology Dept. and Genome Center, University of California, USA
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D in Molecular Genetics and Genomics, Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, Washington University in St Louis, 2011

Current position

Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Plant Biology and Genome Center, University of California Davis, Davis, CA, USA

Publications (since 2011)

  1. Tan, E. H., Henry, I. M., Ravi, M., Bradnam, K. R., Mandakova, T., Marimuthu, M. P., Korf, I., Lysak, M. A., Comai, L. and Chan, S. W. (2015). Catastrophic chromosomal restructuring during genome elimination in plants. Elife 4.
  2. Maheshwari, S., Tan, E. H., West, A., Franklin, F. C., Comai, L. and Chan, S. W. (2015). Naturally occurring differences in CENH3 affect chromosome segregation in zygotic mitosis of hybrids. PLoS Genet 11(1): e1004970.
  3. Kuppu, S., Tan, E. H., Nguyen, H., Rodgers, A., Comai, L., Chan, S. W. and Britt, A. B. (2015). Point Mutations in Centromeric Histone Induce Post-zygotic Incompatibility and Uniparental Inheritance. PLoS Genet 11(9): e1005494.
  4. Ravi, M., Marimuthu, M. P., Tan, E. H., Maheshwari, S., Henry, I. M., Marin-Rodriguez, B., Urtecho, G., Tan, J., Thornhill, K., Zhu, F., Panoli, A., Sundaresan, V., Britt, A. B., Comai, L. and Chan, S. W. (2014). A haploid genetics toolbox for Arabidopsis thaliana. Nat Commun 5: 5334.
  5. Tan, E. H., Blevins, T., Ream, T. S. and Pikaard, C. S. (2012). Functional consequences of subunit diversity in RNA polymerases II and V. Cell Rep 1(3): 208-214.
  6. Mosher, R. A., Tan, E. H., Shin, J., Fischer, R. L., Pikaard, C. S. and Baulcombe, D. C. (2011). An atypical epigenetic mechanism affects uniparental expression of Pol IV-dependent siRNAs. PLoS One 6(10): e25756.
  7. Song, J., Durrant, W. E., Wang, S., Yan, S., Tan, E. H. and Dong, X. (2011). DNA repair proteins are directly involved in regulation of gene expression during plant immune response. Cell Host Microbe 9(2): 115-124.
1 Protocol published
Chromosome Dosage Analysis in Plants Using Whole Genome Sequencing
Authors:  Ek Han Tan, Luca Comai and Isabelle M. Henry, date: 07/05/2016, view: 10585, Q&A: 0
Relative chromosome dosage, i.e., increases or decreases in the number of copies of specific chromosome regions in one sample versus another, can be determined using aligned read-counts from Illumina sequencing (Henry et al. ...
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