Jihyun Kim
  • Finless Foods
Research fields
  • Developmental biology
Personal information


Ph.D. in Cellular Biology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 2009

Current position

Market opportunities of CalCom Solar, BERC Innovative Solutions (BIS) project at UC Berkeley, 2016
Reviewer-Review articles in Molecular and Cellular biology, Biochemistry, and Genetics, Bio-Protocol (2015-present)
Event Leads (Leadership team member), Biotech Connection-Bay Area (BCBA) (2015-present)


  1. Hwangbo, D. S., Biteau, B., Rath, S., Kim, J. and Jasper, H. (2016). Control of apoptosis by Drosophila DCAF12. Dev Biol 413(1): 50-59.    
  2. Akella, J. S.*, Wloga, D.*, Kim, J., Starostina, N. G., Lyons-Abbott, S., Morrissette, N. S., Dougan, S. T., Kipreos, E. T. and Gaertig, J. (2010). MEC-17 is an alpha-tubulin acetyltransferase. Nature 467(7312): 218-222.   
    *These authors contributed equally to this work
  3. Kim, J. and Kipreos, E. T. (2008). Control of the Cdc6 replication licensing factor in metazoa: the role of nuclear export and the CUL4 ubiquitin ligase. Cell Cycle 7(2): 146-150.
  4. Kim, J., Feng, H. and Kipreos, E. T. (2007). C. elegans CUL-4 prevents rereplication by promoting the nuclear export of CDC-6 via a CKI-1-dependent pathway. Curr Biol 17(11): 966-972.      
    - Highlighted in Dispatch by Jerome Korzelius and Sander van den Heuvel. Replication Licensing: Oops! … I Did It Again.
    (2007). Current Biology 17(16):R630-2.
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