Steve Jean
  • Faculty, Université de Sherbrooke
Research fields
  • Cell biology
Personal information


Ph.D., Université Laval, 2008

Lab information

Research focus

Membrane trafficking, Autophagy, Drosophila


Peer-Reviewed articles:
5- Jean S., Mikryukov A., Tremblay MG., Baril J., Guillou F., Bellenfant S., Moss T. (2010). Extended-Synaptotagmin-2 mediates FGF Receptor endocytosis and ERK activation in vivo. Developmental Cell, Sep 14;19(3):426-39.

6- Jean S., Tremblay MG., Herdman C., Guillou F., Moss T. (2012). The endocytic adapter E-Syt2 recruits the p21 GTPase activated kinase PAK1 to mediate actin dynamics and FGF signalling. Biology Open. Aug 15;(1): 731-738.

7- Jean S., Cox S., Schmidt EJ., Robinson FL., Kiger AA. (2012). Sbf/MTMR13 coordinates PI(3)P and Rab21 regulation in endocytic control of cellular remodeling. Molecular Biology of the Cell, Jul;23(14):2723-40.

8- Jean S. and Kiger AA. (2012). Coordination between Rab GTPase and phosphoinositide regulation and functions. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, Jun 22;13(7): 463-470.

9- Jean S. and Kiger AA. (2014). Classes of phosphoinositide 3-kinases at a glance. Journal of Cell Science, Mar 1;127 (Pt 5): 923-928.

10- Jean S., Cox S., Nassari S. and Kiger AA. (2015). Starvation-induced MTMR13 and RAB21 activity regulates VAMP8 to promote autophagosome-lysosome fusion. EMBO Reports, 16(3): 297-311.

11- Klionsky, D.J. et al., including Jean, S. (2016). Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition). Autophagy, 12, 1-222.

12- Jean S#. and Kiger AA#. (2016). VAMP8-3xHA uptake assays in HeLa cells. Bio-Protocol. Feb. Vol 6, Issue 4. #Indicates co-corresponding authors.

13- Jean S#. and Kiger AA#. (2016). RAB21 activity measurement using GST-fused APPL1. Bio-Protocol. Feb. Vol 6, Issue 4. #Indicates co-corresponding authors.

14- Fujita N., Huang W., Lin TH., Groulx JF., Jean S., Kuchitsu Y., Koyama-Honda I., Mizushima N., Fukuda M., Kiger AA. (2017). Genetic screen in Drosophila muscle identifies autophagy-mediated T-tubule remodeling and a Rab2 role in autophagy. Elife. 2017 Jan 7;6. pii: e23367.

15- Paquette M., Beaudoin S., Tremblay MA., Jean S., Lopez A., Lecomte R., Guérin B., Bentourkia M., Sabbagh R., Leyton J. NLS-cholic acid conjugation to IL-5Rα-specific antibody improves cellular accumulation and in vivo tumor-targeting properties in a bladder cancer model. Bioconjugate Chemistry. In press

Book Chapter:
1- Lauzier A, Jean S. (2018) Autophagic flux assessment in colorectal cancer cells. Methods Molecular Biology, Vol. 1765, Colorectal Cancer, 978-1-4939-7764-2
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