Nicolaus von Wirén
  • Department of Physiology & Cell Biology, Leibniz-Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Germany
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D. in the Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affaires, 1991

Current postion

Professor in Plant Physiology and Cell Biology, the University of Halle
Head of the Department for Physiology & Cell Biology at the IPK Gatersleben (2009-present)

Publications (list of 10 selected)

  1. Araya, T., Miyamoto, M., Wibowo, J., Suzuki, A., Kojima, S., Tsuchiya, Y. N., Sawa, S., Fukuda, H., von Wirén, N. and Takahashi, H. (2014). CLE-CLAVATA1 peptide-receptor signaling module regulates the expansion of plant root systems in a nitrogen-dependent manner. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(5): 2029-2034.
  2. Schmid, N. B., Giehl, R. F., Döll, S., Mock, H. P., Strehmel, N., Scheel, D., Kong, X., Hider, R. C. and von Wirén, N. (2014). Feruloyl-CoA 6'-Hydroxylase1-dependent coumarins mediate iron acquisition from alkaline substrates in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 164(1): 160-172.
  3. Wang, Q., Zhao, Y., Luo, W., Li, R., He, Q., Fang, X., Michele, R. D., Ast, C., von Wirén, N. and Lin, J. (2013). Single-particle analysis reveals shutoff control of the Arabidopsis ammonium transporter AMT1;3 by clustering and internalization. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110(32): 13204-13209.
  4. Gruber, B. D., Giehl, R. F., Friedel, S. and von Wirén, N. (2013). Plasticity of the Arabidopsis root system under nutrient deficiencies. Plant Physiol 163(1): 161-179.
  5. Yuan, L., Gu, R., Xuan, Y., Smith-Valle, E., Loqué, D., Frommer, W. B. and von Wirén, N. (2013). Allosteric regulation of transport activity by heterotrimerization of Arabidopsis ammonium transporter complexes in vivo. Plant Cell 25(3): 974-984.
  6. Giehl, R. F. H., Lima, J. E., Kojima, S., Takahashi, H. and von Wirén, N. (2012). Local iron supply triggers lateral root elongation in Arabidopsis by altering the AUX1-mediated auxin distribution. Plant Cell 24: 33-49.
  7. Shi, R., Weber, G., Köster, J., Reza-Hajirezaei, M., Zou, C., Zhang, F. and von Wirén, N. (2012). Senescence-induced iron mobilization in source leaves of barley (Hordeum vulgare) plants. New Phytol 195(2): 372-383.
  8. Lima, J. E., Kojima, S., Takahashi, H. and von Wirén, N. (2010). Ammonium triggers lateral root branching in Arabidopsis in an AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER1;3-dependent manner. Plant Cell 22(11): 3621-3633.
  9. Yuan, L., Loqué, D., Kojima, S., Rauch, S., Ishiyama, K., Inoue, E., Takahashi, H. and von Wirén, N. (2007). The organization of high-affinity ammonium uptake in Arabidopsis roots depends on the spatial arrangement and biochemical properties of AMT1-type transporters. Plant Cell 19(8): 2636-2652.
  10. Loqué, D., Lalonde, S., Looger, L. L., von Wirén, N. and Frommer, W. B. (2007). A cytosolic trans-activation domain essential for ammonium uptake. Nature 446(7132): 195-198.
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