Jose Mercado Biología Vegetal, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
2 protocols

Miguel Quesada Departamento de Biología Vegetal, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
1 protocol

Victor Morris Institute of Food Research, Norwich Research Park, Colney, UK
1 protocol

A. Gunning Institute of Food Research, Norwich Research Park, Colney, UK
1 protocol
Arsalan Daudi University of California
157 protocols

Ayelign Adal The University of British Columbia
4 protocols

Marisa Rosa
71 protocols

Shweta Kalve University of Saskatchewan
1 protocol

Sara Posé
  • Post-Doc, Universidad de Málaga
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • Plant Physiology
    Plant Cell Walls
    Fruit ripening
  • 1 Author merit


PhD Biological Sciences, University of Málaga


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1 Protocol published
Pectin Nanostructure Visualization by Atomic Force Microscopy
Pectins, complex polysaccharides rich in galacturonic acid, are a major component of primary plant cell walls. These macromolecules regulate cell wall porosity and intercellular adhesion, being important in the control of cell expansion and ...
3 Protocols reviewed
Multitarget Immunohistochemistry for Confocal and Super-resolution Imaging of Plant Cell Wall Polysaccharides
Authors:  Kalina T. Haas, Methieu Rivière, Raymond Wightman and Alexis Peaucelle, date: 10/05/2020, view: 2937, Q&A: 0
The plant cell wall (PCW) is a pecto-cellulosic extracellular matrix that envelopes the plant cell. By integrating extra-and intra-cellular cues, PCW mediates a plethora of essential physiological functions. Notably, it permits controlled and ...
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Establishment of a Fusarium graminearum Infection Model in Arabidopsis thaliana Leaves and Floral Tissues
Authors:  Vamsi J Nalam, Sujon Sarowar and Jyoti Shah, date: 07/20/2016, view: 10587, Q&A: 0
Fusarium graminearum (Fg) is the causal agent of Fusarium head blight disease of wheat (Triticum aestivum), oats (Avena sativa) and barley (Hordeum vulgare), which targets the floral tissues and thereby adversely ...
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