Seisuke Kimura
  • Department of Bioresource and Environmental Sciences, Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan
Research focus
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D., Department of Applied Biological Science, Tokyo University of Science, Japan, 2001

Current position

Associate Professor, Department of Bioresource and Environmental Sciences, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan

Publication (since 2008)

  1. Aguilar-Martinez, J. A., Uchida, N., Townsley, B., West, D. A., Yanez, A., Lynn, N., Kimura, S. and Sinha, N. (2015). Transcriptional, posttranscriptional, and posttranslational regulation of SHOOT MERISTEMLESS gene expression in Arabidopsis determines gene function in the shoot apex. Plant Physiol 167(2): 424-442.
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