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Sujay Paul Division of Plant Biology, Bose Institute, India
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Amita Pal
  • Division of Plant Biology, Bose Institute, India
Research focus
  • Plant science
  • 2 Author merit


Ph.D. in Science, Department of Botany, University of Calcutta, 1979

Current position

UGC Emeritus Fellow, Division of Plant Biology, Bose Institute, Kolkata- 700054, India

Publications (Since 2012)

  1. Patel, A., Maiti, S., Kumar, S., Ganguli, S. and Pal, A. (2016). An integrated approach to comprehend MYMIV-susceptibility of blackgram Cv.T9 possessing allele of CYR1, the cognate R-gene. Amer J Plant Sciences 7:
  2. Ganguli, S.,  Dey, A., Banik, R., Kundu, A. and Pal, A. (2016). Analyses of MYMIV-induced transcriptome in Vigna mungo as revealed by next generation sequencing. Genomics Data 7: 226–228.
  3. Kundu, A., Patel, A., Paul, S. and Pal, A. (2015). Transcript dynamics at early stages of molecular interactions of MYMIV with resistant and susceptible genotypes of the leguminous host, Vigna mungo. PLoS One 10(4): e0124687.
  4. Maiti, S., Patra, S., Pal, A. and Dey, N. (2015). Identification of a novel salicylic acid inducible endogenous plant promoter regulating expression of CYR1, a CC-NB-LRR type candidate disease resistance gene in Vigna mungo. Plant Cell Tiss Org 120:489-505. (IF=2.6)
  5. Maiti, S., Basak, J. and Pal, A. (2014). Current understanding on plant R-genes/proteins and mechanisms of defense responses against biotic stresses. In: Chakraborty, B. N. and Chakraborty, U. (eds). Review of Plant Pathology.   Scientific Publishers (India), Vol 6, 93-126.
  6. Ghosh, S. and Pal, A. (2014). Abscisic acid, one of the key determinants of in vitro shoot differentiation from cotyledons of Vigna radiata. American Journal of Plant Sciences 5:704-713.
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  8. Ghosh, J. S., Chaudhuri, S., Dey, N. and Pal, A. (2013). Functional characterization of a serine-threonine protein kinase from Bambusa balcooa that implicates in cellulose overproduction and superior quality fiber formation. BMC Plant Biol 13: 128. (IF=3.94).
  9. Kundu, A., Patel, A. and Pal, A. (2013). Defining reference genes for qPCR normalization to study biotic and abiotic stress responses in Vigna mungo. Plant Cell Rep 32(10): 1647-1658. (IF=2.93).
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  13. Kundu, S., Chakraborty, D., Das, K. and Pal, A. (2013). An efficient in-gel digestion protocol for mass spectral analysis by MALDI-TOF-MS and MS/MS and its use for proteomic analysis of leaves of Vigna mungo. Plant Mol Biol Rep 31:47-54. (IF=5.319; CI=4)
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  15. Kundu, S., Chakraborty, D. and Pal, A. (2012). Salicylic acid ameliorates susceptible Vigna mungo cultivar to mungbean yellow mosaic India virus infection. Science and Culture 78 (5-6): 217-226.
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  17. Maiti, S., Paul, S. and Pal, A. (2012). Isolation, characterization, and structure analysis of a non-TIR-NBS-LRR encoding candidate gene from MYMIV-resistant Vigna mungo. Mol Biotechnol 52(3): 217-233. (IF=2.44; CI=7)
  18. Than, M. M. M., Pal, A. and Jha, S. (2012). Plant regeneration from callus cultures in endangered orchid Bulbophyllum auricomum Lindl. Propag Ornam Plants 12(2): 102-108.
2 Protocols published
Mungbean Yellow Mosaic India Virus (MYMIV)-infection, Small RNA Library Construction and Deep Sequencing for MicroRNA Identification in Vigna mungo
Authors:  Anirban Kundu, Sujay Paul, Amita Pal and Genotypic Technology, date: 10/20/2016, view: 9677, Q&A: 0
This protocol describes small RNA library preparation from Vigna mungo total RNA followed by deep sequencing and analysis for microRNA identification.​
Extraction of Small RNA and qPCR Validation of miRNAs in Vigna mungo
Authors:  Sujay Paul, Anirban Kundu and Amita Pal, date: 03/05/2015, view: 9752, Q&A: 0
Small RNAs like microRNAs (miRNAs), small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and other noncoding RNAs including snRNA and snoRNA have tremendous impact on eukaryotic gene regulation. Extraction of high quality small RNAs is an important prerequisite for ...
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