Carmen Valente
  • Institute of Protein Biochemistry (CNR), Italy
Research fields
  • Cell biology
Personal information


Ph.D. in Life Sciences, Open University, UK
Sponsoring establishments: “Mario Negri Sud" Institute and Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM), Naples, Italy, 2011

Current position

Researcher, Institute of Protein Biochemistry, National Research Council, Naples, Italy


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    *Classified by the Faculty of 1000 in the top 2% of papers published in 2012 in medicine and biology
    *Classified by the Italian Association for Cancer research (AIRC) as one of the top 10 papers published from projects financed by AIRC in 2012
    *Classified by the Italian National Research Council as one of the published highlights of 2011/2012
  5. Yang, J. S., Valente, C., Polishchuk, R. S., Turacchio, G., Layre, E., Moody, D. B., Leslie, C. C., Gelb, M. H., Brown, W. J., Corda, D., Luini, A. and Hsu, V. W. (2011). COPI acts in both vesicular and tubular transport. Nat Cell Biol 13(8): 996-1003.
    *Classified by the Italian National Research Council as one of the published highlights of 2010/2011
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