Joaquín Azcón-Bieto
  • Departament de Biologia Vegetal, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Research focus
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D. in Environmental Biology, Australian National University, 1983

Current position

Professor and Chair in Plant Physiology and Director of the Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona, Spain

Publications (since 2000)

  1. Angaman, D. M., Renato, M., Azcón-Bieto, J. and Boronat, A. (2014). Oxygen consumption and lipoxygenase activity in isolated tomato fruit chromoplasts. Journal of Plant Sciences 2(1): 5-8.
  2. Pateraki, I., Renato, M., Azcón-Bieto, J. and Boronat, A. (2013). An ATP synthase harboring an atypical gamma-subunit is involved in ATP synthesis in tomato fruit chromoplasts. Plant J 74(1): 74-85.
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