Olivier Le Coz
  • INSERM U955, INSERM, France
Research fields
  • Stem cell
Personal information


Master 2 in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris 6, 2003

Current position

Engineer position in Viral Vectorisation, Research & Innovation for the Urological and Sexual health (SIRIUS), Versailles Saint Quentin University (Montigny le bretonneux 78180)


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  4. Oudot, A., Behr-Roussel, D., Le Coz, O., Poirier, S., Bernabe, J., Alexandre, L. and Giuliano, F. (2010). How does chronic sildenafil prevent vascular oxidative stress in insulin-resistant rats? J Sex Med 7(1 Pt 1): 79-88.
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