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Mohlopheni Jackson Marakalala
  • Harvard University
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • 1 Author merit


Ph.D. in Chemical Pathology, Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Current position

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


  1. Marakalala, M. J., Vautier, S., Potrykus, J., Walker, L. A., Shepardson, K. M., Hopke, A., Mora-Montes, H. M., Kerrigan, A., Netea, M. G., Murray, G. I., Maccallum, D. M., Wheeler, R., Munro, C. A., Gow, N. A., Cramer, R. A., Brown, A. J. and Brown, G. D. (2013). Differential adaptation of Candida albicans in vivo modulates immune recognition by dectin-1. PLoS Pathog 9(4): e1003315.
  2. Marakalala, M. J., Williams, D. L., Hoving, J. C., Engstad, R., Netea, M. G. and Brown, G. D. (2013). Dectin-1 plays a redundant role in the immunomodulatory activities of beta-glucan-rich ligands in vivo. Microbes Infect 15(6-7): 511-515.
  3. Broadley, S. G., Gumbart, J. C., Weber, B. W., Marakalala, M. J., Steenkamp, D. J. and Sewell, B. T. (2012). A new crystal form of MshB from Mycobacterium tuberculosis with glycerol and acetate in the active site suggests the catalytic mechanism. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 68(Pt 11): 1450-1459.
  4. Strasser, D., Neumann, K., Bergmann, H., Marakalala, M. J., Guler, R., Rojowska, A., Hopfner, K. P., Brombacher, F., Urlaub, H., Baier, G., Brown, G. D., Leitges, M. and Ruland, J. (2012). Syk kinase-coupled C-type lectin receptors engage protein kinase C-sigma to elicit Card9 adaptor-mediated innate immunity. Immunity 36(1): 32-42.
  5. Marakalala, M. J., Graham, L. M. and Brown, G. D. (2010). The role of Syk/CARD9-coupled C-type lectin receptors in immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections. Clin Dev Immunol 2010: 567571.
  6. Marakalala, M. J., Guler, R., Matika, L., Murray, G., Jacobs, M., Brombacher, F., Rothfuchs, A. G., Sher, A. and Brown, G. D. (2011). The Syk/CARD9-coupled receptor Dectin-1 is not required for host resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in mice. Microbes Infect 13(2): 198-201
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  9. Green, V. A., Munshi, S. U., Marakalala, M. J. and Mourao, M. M. (2010). Molecular mechanisms of viral infection and propagation: an overview of the second Advanced Summer School in Africa. IUBMB Life 62(8): 573-583.
  10. Tsoni, S. V., Kerrigan, A. M., Marakalala, M. J., Srinivasan, N., Duffield, M., Taylor, P. R., Botto, M., Steele, C. and Brown, G. D. (2009). Complement C3 plays an essential role in the control of opportunistic fungal infections. Infect Immun 77(9): 3679-3685.
1 Protocol published
In vitro Analysis for Macrophage Binding and Pro-inflammatory Responses to Candida albicans
Author:  Mohlopheni J. Marakalala, date: 05/05/2014, view: 7842, Q&A: 0
Macrophage recognition of Candida albicans (C. albicans) is facilitated by pattern recognition receptors that interact with the fungal pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPs). Dectin-1 is the major macrophage receptor that ...
1 Protocol reviewed
DNA Damage Sensitivity Assays in Caenorhabditis elegans
Authors:  Hyun-Min Kim and Monica P. Colaiácovo, date: 06/05/2015, view: 11167, Q&A: 0
C. elegans has served as a genetically tractable multicellular model system to examine DNA damage-induced genotoxic stress which threatens genome integrity. Importantly, the high degree of conservation shared between worms and humans offers ...
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