Delphine Gendre
  • Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, SLU, Umeå Universitet, Sweden
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology, Univérsité Montpellier II, France, 2005

Current position

Postdoctoral fellow at Umeå Plant science center (UPSC), 2006


  1. McFarlane, H. E., Watanabe, Y., Gendre, D., Carruthers, K., Levesque-Tremblay, G., Haughn, G. W., Bhalerao, R. P. and Samuels, L. (2013). Cell wall polysaccharides are mislocalized to the Vacuole in echidna mutants. Plant Cell Physiol 54(11): 1867-1880.
  2. Boutte, Y., Jonsson, K., McFarlane, H. E., Johnson, E., Gendre, D., Swarup, R., Friml, J., Samuels, L., Robert, S. and Bhalerao, R. P. (2013). ECHIDNA-mediated post-Golgi trafficking of auxin carriers for differential cell elongation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110(40): 16259-16264.
  3. Gendre, D., McFarlane, H. E., Johnson, E., Mouille, G., Sjodin, A., Oh, J., Levesque-Tremblay, G., Watanabe, Y., Samuels, L. and Bhalerao, R. P. (2013). Trans-Golgi network localized ECHIDNA/Ypt interacting protein complex is required for the secretion of cell wall polysaccharides in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 25(7): 2633-2646.
  4. Kaewthai, N., Gendre, D., Eklof, J. M., Ibatullin, F. M., Ezcurra, I., Bhalerao, R. P. and Brumer, H. (2013). Group III-A XTH genes of Arabidopsis encode predominant xyloglucan endohydrolases that are dispensable for normal growth. Plant Physiol 161(1): 440-454.
  5. Gendre, D., Oh, J., Boutte, Y., Best, J. G., Samuels, L., Nilsson, R., Uemura, T., Marchant, A., Bennett, M. J., Grebe, M. and Bhalerao, R. P. (2011). Conserved Arabidopsis ECHIDNA protein mediates trans-Golgi-network trafficking and cell elongation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108(19): 8048-8053.
  6. Gendre, D., Czernic, P., Conejero, G., Pianelli, K., Briat, J. F., Lebrun, M. and Mari, S. (2007). TcYSL3, a member of the YSL gene family from the hyper-accumulator Thlaspi caerulescens, encodes a nicotianamine-Ni/Fe transporter. Plant J 49(1): 1-15.
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