Victor Tse
  • Faculty, Saint Louis University
Research focus
  • Microbiology, Gene Therapy
Personal information


PhD, Cornell University, 2014

Lab information

Evolution is the best engineer in nature. Inspired by the elegance of evolution, we use multiple innovative technologies (saturation-mutagenesis, directed-evolution, molecular engineering, CRISPR genome-wide screening, and multiple –omics sequencing) to recapitulate, direct, and accelerate the natural viral evolution process in a controlled laboratory environment to

1) Understand viral pathogenesis and transmission by dissecting each facet of viral infection, and

2) Convert such knowledge to engineer viruses into novel nanoparticles for medical uses.

We are currently developing new platforms to bridge experimental biology with artificial intelligence (Bridge2AI) to propel the next phase of scientific exploration.

Research focus

Virus-Host Interactions
Gene Delivery
Vector Engineering
Infectious Diseases


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