Tanneke den Blaauwen
  • Associate professor, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Faculty of Science, Bacterial Cell Biology
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Personal information

Education Biology, Department of the University of Amsterdam, 1988


Since 2005
• Meiresonne, N. Y., van der Ploeg, R., Hink, M. A. and den Blaauwen, T. (2017). Activity-Related Conformational Changes in d,d-Carboxypeptidases Revealed by In Vivo Periplasmic Forster Resonance Energy Transfer Assay in Escherichia coli. MBio 8(5).
• den Blaauwen, T., Hamoen, L. W. and Levin, P. A. (2017). The divisome at 25: the road ahead. Curr Opin Microbiol 36: 85-94.
• Leisch, N., Pende, N., Weber, P. M., Gruber-Vodicka, H. R., Verheul, J., Vischer, N. O., Abby, S. S., Geier, B., den Blaauwen, T. and Bulgheresi, S. (2016). Asynchronous division by non-ring FtsZ in the gammaproteobacterial symbiont of Robbea hypermnestra. Nat Microbiol 2: 16182.
• Hugonnet, J. E., Mengin-Lecreulx, D., Monton, A., den Blaauwen, T., Carbonnelle, E., Veckerle, C., Brun, Y. V., van Nieuwenhze, M., Bouchier, C., Tu, K., Rice, L. B. and Arthur, M. (2016). Factors essential for L,D-transpeptidase-mediated peptidoglycan cross-linking and beta-lactam resistance in Escherichia coli. Elife 5.
• Glas, M., van den Berg van Saparoea, H. B., McLaughlin, S. H., Roseboom, W., Liu, F., Koningstein, G. M., Fish, A., den Blaauwen, T., Heck, A. J., de Jong, L., Bitter, W., de Esch, I. J. and Luirink, J. (2015). The Soluble Periplasmic Domains of Escherichia coli Cell Division Proteins FtsQ/FtsB/FtsL Form a Trimeric Complex with Submicromolar Affinity. J Biol Chem 290(35): 21498-21509.
• van der Ploeg, R., Goudelis, S. T. and den Blaauwen, T. (2015). Validation of FRET Assay for the Screening of Growth Inhibitors of Escherichia coli Reveals Elongasome Assembly Dynamics. Int J Mol Sci 16(8): 17637-17654.
• Vischer, N. O., Verheul, J., Postma, M., van den Berg van Saparoea, B., Galli, E., Natale, P., Gerdes, K., Luirink, J., Vollmer, W., Vicente, M. and den Blaauwen, T. (2015). Cell age dependent concentration of Escherichia coli divisome proteins analyzed with ImageJ and ObjectJ. Front Microbiol 6: 586.
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• Pende, N., Leisch, N., Gruber-Vodicka, H. R., Heindl, N. R., Ott, J., den Blaauwen, T. and Bulgheresi, S. (2014). Size-independent symmetric division in extraordinarily long cells. Nat Commun 5: 4803.
• den Blaauwen, T., Andreu, J. M. and Monasterio, O. (2014). Bacterial cell division proteins as antibiotic targets. Bioorg Chem 55: 27-38.
• Mohammadi, T., Sijbrandi, R., Lutters, M., Verheul, J., Martin, N. I., den Blaauwen, T., de Kruijff, B. and Breukink, E. (2014). Specificity of the transport of lipid II by FtsW in Escherichia coli. J Biol Chem 289(21): 14707-14718.
• den Blaauwen, T. (2013). Prokaryotic cell division: flexible and diverse. Curr Opin Microbiol 16(6): 738-744.
• van den Berg van Saparoea, H. B., Glas, M., Vernooij, I. G., Bitter, W., den Blaauwen, T. and Luirink, J. (2013). Fine-mapping the contact sites of the Escherichia coli cell division proteins FtsB and FtsL on the FtsQ protein. J Biol Chem 288(34): 24340-24350.
• Verhoeven, G. S., Dogterom, M. and den Blaauwen, T. (2013). Absence of long-range diffusion of OmpA in E. coli is not caused by its peptidoglycan binding domain. BMC Microbiol 13(1): 66.
• van der Ploeg, R., Verheul, J., Vischer, N. O., Alexeeva, S., Hoogendoorn, E., Postma, M., Banzhaf, M., Vollmer, W. and den Blaauwen, T. (2013). Colocalization and interaction between elongasome and divisome during a preparative cell division phase in Escherichia coli. Mol Microbiol 87(5): 1074-1087.
• van der Ploeg, R. and den Blaauwen, T. (2012). In vivo bacterial morphogenetic protein interactions Chapter 10 Pages 239-262 In Molecular Interactions, Editor: Aurelia Meghea. ISBN 979-953-307-616-3. InTech, Available from:
• Leisch, N., Verheul, J., Heindl, N. R., Gruber-Vodicka, H. R., Pende, N., den Blaauwen, T. and Bulgheresi, S. (2012). Growth in width and FtsZ ring longitudinal positioning in a gammaproteobacterial symbiont. Curr Biol 22(19): R831-832.
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• Schaffner-Barbero, C., Gil-Redondo, R., Ruiz-Avila, L. B., Huecas, S., Lappchen, T., den Blaauwen, T., Diaz, J. F., Morreale, A. and Andreu, J. M. (2010). Insights into nucleotide recognition by cell division protein FtsZ from a mant-GTP competition assay and molecular dynamics. Biochemistry 49(49): 10458-10472.
• Soprova, Z., Sauri, A., van Ulsen, P., Tame, J. R., den Blaauwen, T., Jong, W. S. and Luirink, J. (2010). A conserved aromatic residue in the autochaperone domain of the autotransporter Hbp is critical for initiation of outer membrane translocation. J Biol Chem 285(49): 38224-38233.
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