Ljerka Kunst
  • Department of Botany, University of British Columbia, Canada
Research focus
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D. in Lipid metabolism, Michigan State University, 1988

Current position

Professor, Department of Botany, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Selected publications

  1. Sakuradani, E., Zhao, L., Haslam, T. M. and Kunst, L. (2013). The CER22 gene required for the synthesis of cuticular wax alkanes in Arabidopsis thaliana is allelic to CER1. Planta 237(3): 731-738.
  2. Shi, L., Katavic, V., Yu, Y., Kunst, L. and Haughn, G. (2012). Arabidopsis glabra2 mutant seeds deficient in mucilage biosynthesis produce more oil. Plant J 69(1): 37-46.
  3. Lam, P., Zhao, L., McFarlane, H. E., Aiga, M., Lam, V., Hooker, T. S. and Kunst, L. (2012). RDR1 and SGS3, components of RNA-mediated gene silencing, are required for the regulation of cuticular wax biosynthesis in developing inflorescence stems of Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 159(4): 1385-1395.
  4. Haslam, T. M., Manas-Fernandez, A., Zhao, L. and Kunst, L. (2012). Arabidopsis ECERIFERUM2 is a component of the fatty acid elongation machinery required for fatty acid extension to exceptional lengths. Plant Physiol 160(3): 1164-1174.
  5. Zhao, L., Katavic, V., Li, F., Haughn, G. W. and Kunst, L. (2010). Insertional mutant analysis reveals that long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase 1 (LACS1), but not LACS8, functionally overlaps with LACS9 in Arabidopsis seed oil biosynthesis. Plant J 64(6): 1048-1058.
  6. Kunst, L. and Samuels, L. (2009). Plant cuticles shine: advances in wax biosynthesis and export. Curr Opin Plant Biol 12(6): 721-727.
  7. Beaudoin, F., Wu, X., Li, F., Haslam, R. P., Markham, J. E., Zheng, H., Napier, J. A. and Kunst, L. (2009). Functional characterization of the Arabidopsis beta-ketoacyl-coenzyme A reductase candidates of the fatty acid elongase. Plant Physiol 150(3): 1174-1191.
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  9. Jetter, R. and Kunst, L. (2008). Plant surface lipid biosynthetic pathways and their utility for metabolic engineering of waxes and hydrocarbon biofuels. Plant J 54(4): 670-683.
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  13. Hooker, T. S., Lam, P., Zheng, H. and Kunst, L. (2007). A core subunit of the RNA-processing/degrading exosome specifically influences cuticular wax biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 19(3): 904-913.
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  17. Smith, M. A., Moon, H., Chowrira, G. and Kunst, L. (2003). Heterologous expression of a fatty acid hydroxylase gene in developing seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana. Planta 217(3): 507-516.
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  19. Hooker, T. S., Millar, A. A. and Kunst, L. (2002). Significance of the expression of the CER6 condensing enzyme for cuticular wax production in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 129(4): 1568-1580.
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