Karl Kuchler
  • Professor of Molecular genetics, Medical University of Vienna, Center for Medical Biochemistry, Max Perutz Labs Vienna, Campus Vienna Biocenter, A-1030 Vienna
Research fields
  • Molecular biology
Personal information


Ph.D., Technical University of Graz, 1986

Lab information

Group Leader Max F Perutz Laboratories, Department of Medical Biochemistry
Medical University Vienna, Austria

The Kuchler Lab studies fundamental problems in infection biology using a combination of molecular as well as genome-wide and systems biology approaches. They are particularly interested in a better understanding of the dynamic gene regulation during host-pathogen interplay, with a focus on fungal pathogens such as Candida spp.

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Research focus

Karl Kuchler has a long-standing interest in fungal infection biology, molecular genetics, as well as host immune signaling at their intersections with the molecular mechanisms of antifungal drug resistance. His work discovered a novel TLR7-dependent fungal response pathway in dendritic cells, and the group discovered a molecular mechanism underlying the hyper-inflammatory host response upon fungal infections. Finally, the most work uncovered pivotal roles of fungal HDACs/HATs in controlling antifungal drug resistance, stress response, DNA repair as well as virulence.


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