Marc Bramkamp
  • Department of Biology I, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany
Research fields
  • Cell biology
Personal information


Ph.D. in Biology and Microbiology, University of Osnabrück, 2003

Current Position

Professor of Microbiology, Biocenter, Department of Biology I, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

Publications (five selected)

  1. Sieger, B., Schubert, K., Donovan, C. and Bramkamp, M. (2013). The lipid II flippase RodA determines morphology and growth in Corynebacterium glutamicum. Mol Microbiol 90(5): 966-982.
  2. Bach, J. N. and Bramkamp, M. (2013). Flotillins functionally organize the bacterial membrane. Mol Microbiol 88(6): 1205-1217.
  3. Donovan, C., Sieger, B., Kramer, R. and Bramkamp, M. (2012). A synthetic Escherichia coli system identifies a conserved origin tethering factor in Actinobacteria. Mol Microbiol 84(1): 105-116.
  4. Bürmann, F., Ebert, N., van Baarle, S. and Bramkamp, M. (2011). A bacterial dynamin‐like protein mediating nucleotide‐independent membrane fusion. Molecular microbiology 79(5): 1294-1304.
  5. Bramkamp, M., Emmins, R., Weston, L., Donovan, C., Daniel, R. A. and Errington, J. (2008). A novel component of the division-site selection system of Bacillus subtilis and a new mode of action for the division inhibitor MinCD. Mol Microbiol 70(6): 1556-1569.
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