Protocols in Current Issue
    Preparation and Transfection of Populus tomentosa Mesophyll Protoplasts
    Authors:  Hou-Ling Wang, Ting Wang, Qi Yang, Weilun Yin, Xinli Xia, Hongwei Guo and Zhonghai Li, date: 11/20/2021, view: 1662, Q&A: 0

    Mesophyll protoplasts freshly isolated from leaves are a useful research system in plants. However, cell walls in woody plants contain more pectin, making mesophyll protoplasts isolation difficult in Populus. This has limited their application in biochemical, molecular, cellular, genetic, genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic assays. In this

    Plant Endo-β-mannanase Activity Assay
    Authors:  Yunjun Zhao and Laigeng Li, date: 09/05/2013, view: 8787, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Endo-β–mannanases in plant require post-translational modification, such as N-glycosylation and disulfide-linked dimerization, for their catalytic activity. Determination of the plant endo-β–mannanase activity needs to modify the assay conditions for optimizing their enzymatic reaction. Here, we describe a modified method for plant ...

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