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Western Blot in Maize


    A Simple Protocol for Informative Visualization of Enriched Gene Ontology Terms
    Authors:  Titouan Bonnot, Morgane B. Gillard and Dawn H. Nagel, date: 11/20/2019, view: 554, Q&A: 1
    In genome-scale datasets, Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment is a common analysis to highlight functions over-represented or under-represented in a subset of differentially expressed genes to elucidate the biological significance of the results. However, ...
    Protein- and Sequencing-based Massively Parallel Single-cell Approaches to Gene Expression Profiling
    Authors:  Xuhuai Ji, Igor Goncharov, Miao Zhao, Molly Miranda and Holden T. Maecker, date: 02/05/2019, view: 2618, Q&A: 0
    Understanding cellular diversity and dynamics in immune cells are critical for elucidating mechanisms of diagnosis, response to therapeutics, and patient prognosis. Our goal is to apply a technically simple approach for gene expression cytometry ...
    Real Time Quantitative PCR (for Suspension Cells)
    Author:  Lili Jing, date: 02/05/2011, view: 9689, Q&A: 0
    Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) is an efficient method to detect the levels of gene expression. This protocol provides a complete and detailed procedure for qPCR, including mRNA extraction, genomic DNA removal, cDNA synthesis and targeted gene ...