Molecular Biology


    Extracellular RNA Isolation from Biofilm Matrix of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    Most bacteria in natural ecosystems form biofilms-a bacterial community, surrounded by a polymer matrix that consists mostly of exopolysaccharides, proteins, and nucleic acids. Extracellular RNA as a matrix component is involved in biofilm

    Phenol-based Extraction of RNA from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
    Authors:  Emanuel Sanz-Luque and Amaury de Montaigu, date: 07/05/2018, view: 4184, Q&A: 0
    RNA extraction is a basic procedure in molecular biology and a wide variety of commercial kits are available. Some of these kits have been successfully used in Chlamydomonas. However, in some cases RNA quality and quantity may be ...
    Total RNA Extraction from Dinoflagellate Symbiodinium Cells
    Author:  Tingting Xiang, date: 06/05/2018, view: 3164, Q&A: 2
    Dinoflagellates are unicellular algae that can have photosynthetic or nonphotosynthetic lifestyles. Dinoflagellates in the genus Symbiodinium can enter endosymbiotic associations with corals, providing the metabolic basis for the highly ...
    RNA Isolation from Arabidopsis Pollen Grains
    Author:  Yongxian Lu, date: 05/05/2011, view: 17251, Q&A: 0
    This purpose of this experiment is to isolate high quality RNAs from pollen grains, which lays the foundation for further studies, like gene expression analysis and cDNA cloning.
    Total RNA Extraction from C. elegans
    Author:  Fanglian He, date: 03/20/2011, view: 28357, Q&A: 0
    This protocol describes total RNA extraction from worms with or without using commercial RNA extraction kits.
    RNA Preparation for Microarray Experiments
    Author:  Bio-protocol Editor, date: 01/20/2011, view: 14859, Q&A: 0
    This protocol describes a simple and relatively general method to extract total RNA from a yeast culture using the Qiagen RNeasy kit. In it, total RNA is treated with DNase I and cleaned up to be suitable for microarray experiments. Therefore, this ...

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