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Sumeet Nayak
  • Post-Doc, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Research focus
  • Cancer biology
  • DNA damage and repair, Replication stress and stress response, Cancer therapy response


Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2020

Lab information

Sharon Cantor Lab


• Nayak, S., and Cantor, S. B. S1 nuclease fiber assay. Bio-protocol (2020).
• Nayak, S., and Cantor, S. B. Immunofluorescence staining protocol to detect ssDNA (CldU) and active replication (EdU). Bio-protocol (2020).
• Nayak, S., Calvo, J.A., Cong, K., Peng, M., Berthiaume, E., Jackson, J., Zaino, A.M., Vindigni, A., Hadden, M.K., and Cantor, S.B. Inhibition of the translesion synthesis polymerase REV1 exploits replication gaps as a cancer vulnerability. Science Advances (2020).
• Awate, S., Sommers, J.A., Datta, A., Nayak, S., Bellani, M.A., Yang, O., Dunn, C.A., Nicolae, C.M., Moldovan, G-L., Seidman, M.M., Cantor, S.B., and Brosh, Jr. R.M. FANCJ compensates for RAP80 deficiency and suppresses genomic instability induced by interstrand cross-links. Nucleic Acid Research (2020).
• Panzarino, N.J., Krais, J., Peng, M., Mosqueda, M., Nayak, S., Bond, S., Calvo, J., Cong, K., Doshi, M., Bere, M., et al. Replication gaps underlie BRCA-deficiency and therapy response. (2019). bioRxiv, 781955. (Under revision at Cancer Research).
• Cong, K., Kousholt, A.N., Peng, M., Panzarino, N.J., Lee, W.T.C., Nayak, S., Krais, J., Calvo, J., Bere, M., Rothenberg, E., et al. PARPi synthetic lethality derives from replication-associated single-stranded DNA gaps. (2019). bioRxiv, 781989. (In preparation).
• Fuhrmann, C., Fenn, S.L., Hidalgo, D., Horowitz, B.B., Loring, H.S., Nayak, S., Spears, M.E., Weaver, G.C., & Lane, M.E. Creating the “new normal”: Career development embedded into the Ph.D. curriculum for all trainees. Book chapter “BEST: Implementing Career Development Activities for Biomedical Research Trainees (2020).
• Peng, M., Cong, K., Panzarino, N. J., Nayak, S., Calvo, J., Deng, B., Zhu, L. J., Morocz, M., Hegedus, L., Haracska, L., and Cantor, S. B. Opposing Roles of FANCJ and HLTF Protect Forks and Restrain Replication During Stress. Cell reports (2018).
• Cantor, S.B., and Nayak, S. FANCJ at the FORK. Mutation research (2016).
• Jacob, S., Nayak, S., Chaudhari, U.K., Joshi, D., Vundinti, B.R., Fernandes, G., Barai, R.S., Kholkute, S.D., and Sachdeva, G. A triad of telomerase, androgen receptor and early growth response 1 in prostate cancer cells. Cancer Biology and Therapy (2016).
• Jacob, S., Nayak,S., Fernandes, G., Barai, R.S., Menon, S., Chaudhari, U.K., Kholkute, S.D., and Sachdeva, G. Androgen receptor as a regulator of ZEB2 expression and its implications in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer. Endocrine Related Cancer (2014).
• Bhagwat, S.R., Redij, T., Phalnikar, K., Nayak, S., Iyer, S., Gadkar, S., Chaudhari, U.K., Kholkute, S.D., and Sachdeva, G. Cell Surfactomes of Two Endometrial Epithelial Cell lines that differ in their Adhesiveness to Embryonic Cells. Molecular Reproduction & Development (2014).
• Bhagwat, S.R., Chandrashekar, D.S., Kakar, R., Davuluri, S., Bajpai, A.K., Nayak, S., Bhutada, S., Acharya, K., and Sachdeva, G. Endometrial Receptivity: A Revisit to Functional Genomics Studies on Human Endometrium and Creation of HGEx-ERdb. PLoS one (2013).
• Navalakhe, R.M., Jagtap, D.D., Nayak, S., Nandedkar, T.D., and Mahale, S.D. Effect of FSH Receptor-Binding Inhibitor-8 on FSH-Mediated Granulosa Cell Signaling and Proliferation. Chemical Biology and Drug Design (2013).
2 Protocols reviewed
Extraction of DNA and RNA from Formalin-fixed Paraffin-embedded Tissue Specimens

One of the most common methods for isolating biomolecules from clinical samples is using TRIzol. While many tissues are freshly frozen, a large number of tissues are formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) blocks for pathology and diagnostics.

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Preparation of Doublet Microtubule Fraction for Single Particle Cryo-electron Microscopy
Authors:  Corbin Black, Daniel Chen Dai, Katya Peri, Muneyoshi Ichikawa and Khanh Huy Bui, date: 06/05/2021, view: 1560, Q&A: 0

Over the years, studying the ultrastructure of the eukaryotic cilia/flagella using electron microscopy (EM) has contributed significantly toward our understanding of ciliary function. Major complexes in the cilia, such as inner and outer dynein

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