Alessandro Didonna University of California, San Francisco
51 protocols

Louise Walport Imperial College London
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Jane Antony
  • Post-Doc, Stanford University
Research focus
  • Cancer biology
  • Cancer Biology, Cell Signalling, Signal Transduction pathways, Stem cells, Cancer Stem Cells, Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT), Metastasis


PhD, Imperial College London, 2017

Lab information

Michael Clarke Lab


1. The GAS6-AXL signaling network is a mesenchymal (Mes) molecular subtype – specific therapeutic target for ovarian cancer. Antony J, et al. | Sci. Signal. 9, ra97 (2016)
Focus Piece: New twists in the AXL(e) of tumor progression. Halmos B, and Haura EB | Vol. 9, Issue 448, pp. fs14

2. AXL-driven EMT state as a targetable conduit in cancer. Antony J, Huang RYJ | Cancer Res 2017; 77(14): 3725-32

3. Targeting the AXL signaling pathway in ovarian cancer. Huang RJY, Antony J, Tan TZ, Tan DSP | Mol Cell Oncol 2017; 4(2): e1263716

4. The Tumor-Suppressor Protein OPCML Potentiates Anti–EGFR- and Anti–HER2-Targeted Therapy in HER2-Positive Ovarian and Breast Cancer. Zanini E, Louay L, Antony J, et al. | Mol Cancer Ther 2017; 16(10): 2246-56 | MCT-17-0081.

5. The phosphatase PTPRG inactivates the receptor tyrosine kinase AXL sequestered in plasma-membrane lipid domains by the tumour suppressor OPCML. Antony J, et al. | EMBO Reports (2018) e45670
News and Views: Synergistic inactivation of AXL: a (cross)road to cure ovarian cancer? Zurzolo C | EMBO Reports (2018) e46492

6. Modulation of Wnt signaling in primary tissues through Cdkn2a regulation. Adorno M, Robilant B, Acosta VH, Sikandar S, Antony J, et al. 2018 Scientific Reports

7. Sensitization of cancer cells via non‐viral delivery of apoptosis inducing proteins using a cationic bolaamphiphile
K Narayanan, M Khan, B Gopalan, J Antony, T Das, YY Yang, ACA Wan
Biotechnology journal, 1800020
1 Protocol reviewed
Preparation and Purification of Active Recombinant Human Pancreatic Lipase in Escherichia coli
Authors:  Nanami Kawaguchi, Haruko Ogawa and Kimie Date, date: 07/05/2019, view: 3072, Q&A: 0
Human pancreatic lipase (HPL) is the main lipolytic enzyme involved in the digestion of dietary fat. An active recombinant human pancreatic lipase (recHPL) was successfully prepared for the first time in an Escherichia coli (E. coli) ...
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