Chaitali Basole
  • Research scientist, Precision Biosciences
Research focus
  • Immunology
  • 1. Phosphodiesterases
    2. Autoimmunity
    3. Cell motility
    4. Inflammation
    5. Leukocyte adhesion
    6. Signal transduction pathways (cAMP, cGMP, MAPK etc.)
    7. Protein-protein interactions
    8. Signalosomes/signaling complexes.
    9. Atherosclerosis


PhD Biomedical Sciences, UConn Health, CT, USA, 2017

1] Basole C, Nguyen R, Lamothe K, Vang AG, Clark RB, Baillie G, Epstein PM, Brocke S. PDE8 controls CD4+ T cell motility through the PDE8A-Raf-1 kinase signaling complex. Cell Signal. 2017 Aug 26. [PMID: 28851628]
2] Vang AG*, Basole C*, Dong H, Nguyen R, Housley W, Guernsey L, Thrall R, Epstein PM, Clark RB, Brocke S. Differential expression and function of PDE8 and PDE4 in effector T cells: Implications for PDE8 as a drug target in inflammation. Front. Pharmacol. 2016 Aug 23. [PMID: 27601994] (* Co-first authors)
3] Vang AG, Housley W, Dong H, Basole C, Ben-Sasson SZ, Kream BE, Epstein PM, Clark RB, Brocke S. Regulatory T-cells and cAMP suppress effector T-cells independently of PKA-CREM/ICER: a potential role for Epac. Biochem J. 2013 Dec 15. [PMID: 24007532]
4] Cervantes JL, Weinerman B, Basole C, Salazar JC. TLR8: the forgotten relative revindicated. Cell Mol Immunol. 2012 Nov. [PMID: 23085951]
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