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Joyce Chiu
  • Research Fellow, The University of Sydney
Research focus
  • Biochemistry
  • platelets, disulphide bonds, proteomics
  • 1 Author merit

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Selected publications
1. Lu, Z., Chiu, J., Lee, L.R., Schindeler, A., Jackson, M., Ramaswamy, Y., Dunstan, C.R., Hogg, P.J. and Zreiqat, H., (2020) Reprogramming of human fibroblasts into osteoblasts by insulin- like growth factor-binding protein 7. Stem Cells Transl Med (Published online on 06-01-2020)
2. Su, Z., Burchfield, J., Yang, P., Humphrey, S., Yang, G., Francis, D., Yasmin, S., Shin, S., Norris, D., Kearney, A., Astore, M., Fisher-Wellman, J. S. K., Wang, Q., Parker, B., Neely, G., Vafaee, F., Chiu, J., Yeo, R., Hogg, P., Fazakerley, D., Nguyen, L., Kuyucak, S. and James, D. (2019) Global redox proteome and phosphoproteome analysis reveals redox switch in Akt.
Nat Commun 10:1-18
3. Eriksson, O., Chiu, J., Hogg, P. J., Atkinson, J. P. Liszewski, M. K., Flaumenhaft, R. and Furie, B. (2019) Thiol isomerase ERp57 targets and modulates the lectin pathway of complement activation. J Biol Chem. 294, 4878-4888
4. Chiu, J. (2019) Measurement of redox states of the β3 integrin disulfide bonds. Bio-protocol 9: Protocol ID 1802317
5. Li, J., Kim, K., Jeong, S., Chiu, J., Xiong, B., Petukhov, P.V., Dai, X., Li, X., Andrews, R.K., Hogg, P.J. and Cho, J. (2018) Platelet protein disulfide isomerase promotes glycoprotein Ibα- mediated platelet-neutrophil interactions under thromboinflammatory conditions. Circulation. 10, E529
6. Passam, F., Chiu, J. (co-first author), Ju, L., Pijning, A., Jahan, Z., Mor-Cohen, R., Yeheskel, A., Kolsek, K., Tharichen, L., Aponte-Santamaria, C., Grater, F., and Hogg, P. J. (2018) Mechano-redox control of integrin de-adhesion. Elife 7, e34843
7. Bekendam, R. H., Iyu, D., Passam, F., Stopa, J. D., De Ceunynck, K., Muse, O., Bendapudi, P. K., Garnier, C. L., Gopal, S., Crescence, L., Chiu, J., Furie, B., Panicot-Dubois, L., Hogg, P. J., Dubois, C., and Flaumenhaft, R. (2018) Protein disulfide isomerase regulation by nitric oxide maintains vascular quiescence and controls thrombus formation. J Thromb Haemost 16, 2322-2335
8. Pijning, A. E., Chiu, J., Yeo, R. X., Wong, J. W. H., and Hogg, P. J. (2018) Identification of allosteric disulfides from labile bonds in X-ray structures. R Soc Open Sci 5, 171058
9. Bekendam, R. H., Bendapudi, P. K., Lin, L., Nag, P. P., Pu, J., Kennedy, D. R., Feldenzer, A., Chiu, J., Cook, K. M., Furie, B., Huang, M., Hogg, P. J., and Flaumenhaft, R. (2016) A substrate-driven allosteric switch that enhances PDI catalytic activity. Nat Commun 7, 12579
10. Chiu, J., Wong, J. W., and Hogg, P. J. (2014) Redox regulation of methionine aminopeptidase 2 activity. J Biol Chem 289, 15035-15043
11. Chiu, J., Wong, J. W., Gerometta, M., and Hogg, P. J. (2014) Mechanism of dimerization of a recombinant mature vascular endothelial growth factor C. Biochemistry 53, 7-9
1 Protocol published
Measurement of Redox States of the β3 Integrin Disulfide Bonds by Mass Spectrometry
Author:  Joyce Chiu, date: 02/05/2019, view: 2432, Q&A: 0
Functional disulfide bonds mediate a change in protein function in which they reside when cleaved or formed. To elucidate how a functional disulfide bond controls protein activity, it is critical that the redox state of the bond in the population of ...
1 Protocol reviewed
The ATPase Activity of Escherichia coli Expressed AAA+-ATPase Protein
Authors:  Amita Kaundal, Vemanna S. Ramu and Kirankumar S. Mysore, date: 08/05/2020, view: 107, Q&A: 0
ATPases are the enzymes that breakdown ATP to ADP and release inorganic phosphate (Pi). Here we provide a detailed protocol to determine the ATPase activity of a recombinant AAA+-ATPase protein (GENERAL CONTROL NON-REPRESSIBLE-4 [GCN4]) ...
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