Ferdinand Roesch Department of Virology, Institut Pasteur, Paris
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Molly OhAinle
  • Senior Staff Scientist, Human Biology Division, Fred Hutch, 2014-2020
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PhD, University of Washington, USA, 2007


• Ohainle, M., Kim, K., Keceli, S., Felton, A., Campbell, E., Luban, J. and Emerman, M. (2019). TRIM34 acts with TRIM5 to restrict HIV and SIV capsids. bioRxiv: 820886.
• Sharma, A., McLaughlin, R. N., Jr., Basom, R. S., Kikawa, C., OhAinle, M., Yount, J. S., Emerman, M. and Overbaugh, J. (2019). Macaque interferon-induced transmembrane proteins limit replication of SHIV strains in an Envelope-dependent manner. PLoS Pathog 15(7): e1007925.
• OhAinle, M., Helms, L., Vermeire, J., Roesch, F., Humes, D., Basom, R., Delrow, J. J., Overbaugh, J. and Emerman, M. (2018). A virus-packageable CRISPR screen identifies host factors mediating interferon inhibition of HIV. Elife 7.
• Roesch, F., OhAinle, M. and Emerman, M. (2018). A CRISPR screen for factors regulating SAMHD1 degradation identifies IFITMs as potent inhibitors of lentiviral particle delivery. Retrovirology 15(1): 26.
• Lohman-Payne, B., Sandifer, T., OhAinle, M., Crudder, C., Lynch, J., Omenda, M. M., Maroa, J., Fowke, K., John-Stewart, G. C. and Farquhar, C. (2014). In-utero infection with HIV-1 associated with suppressed lymphoproliferative responses at birth. Clin Exp Immunol 178(1): 86-93.
• OhAinle, M. and Harris, E. (2014) Chapter 12: Dengue pathogenesis – viral factors. In: D. J. Gubler, G. Kuno (ed.) Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. London, United Kingdom.
• OhAinle, M., Balmaseda, A., Macalalad, A. R., Tellez, Y., Zody, M. C., Saborio, S., Nunez, A., Lennon, N. J., Birren, B. W., Gordon, A., Henn, M. R. and Harris, E. (2011). Dynamics of dengue disease severity determined by the interplay between viral genetics and serotype-specific immunity. Sci Transl Med 3(114): 114ra128.
• OhAinle, M., Kerns, J. A., Li, M. M., Malik, H. S. and Emerman, M. (2008). Antiretroelement activity of APOBEC3H was lost twice in recent human evolution. Cell Host Microbe 4(3): 249-259.
• OhAinle, M., Kerns, J. A., Malik, H. S. and Emerman, M. (2006). Adaptive evolution and antiviral activity of the conserved mammalian cytidine deaminase APOBEC3H. J Virol 80(8): 3853-3862.
1 Protocol published
HIV-CRISPR: A CRISPR/Cas9 Screening Method to Identify Genes Affecting HIV Replication
Authors:  Ferdinand Roesch and Molly OhAinle, date: 05/05/2020, view: 4681, Q&A: 0
Screening with CRISPR/Cas9 technology has already led to significant discoveries in the fields of cancer biology, cell biology and virology. Because of the relatively low false discovery rates and the ability to perform high-throughput, pooled ...
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