Andrea Puhar MIMS - Umeå University
39 protocols

Gal Haimovich Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
42 protocols

Geoffrey Lau City University of Hong Kong
10 protocols

Joe Zhang Stanford University
2 protocols

Anca Savulescu
  • Post-Doc, University of Cape Town
Research focus
  • Cell biology


PhD, Technion, 2011

14 Protocols reviewed
Single Molecule RNA FISH in Arabidopsis Root Cells
Authors:  Susan Duncan, Tjelvar S. G. Olsson, Matthew Hartley, Caroline Dean and Stefanie Rosa, date: 04/20/2017, view: 4985, Q&A: 0
Methods that allow the study of gene expression regulation are continually advancing. Here, we present an in situ hybridization protocol capable of detecting individual mRNA molecules in plant root cells, thus permitting the accurate ...
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Next-generation Sequencing of the DNA Virome from Fecal Samples
Authors:  Cynthia L. Monaco and Douglas S. Kwon, date: 03/05/2017, view: 3880, Q&A: 0
Herein we describe a detailed protocol for DNA virome analysis of low input human stool samples (Monaco et al., 2016). This protocol is divided into four main steps: 1) stool samples are pulverized to evenly distribute microbial matter; 2) ...
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