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    Protocols in Current Issue
    Investigating Localization of Chimeric Transporter Proteins within Chloroplasts of Arabidopsis thaliana
    Authors:  Susumu Uehara, Yasuko Ito-Inaba and Takehito Inaba, date: 02/05/2018, view: 6611, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] In this protocol, we describe a method to design chimeric proteins for specific targeting to the inner envelope membrane (IEM) of Arabidopsis chloroplasts and the confirmation of their localization by biochemical analysis. Specific targeting to the chloroplast IEM can be achieved by fusing the protein of interest with a transit peptide ...
    Photometric Assays for Chloroplast Movement Responses to Blue Light
    [Abstract] Assessment of chloroplast movements by measuring changes in leaf transmittance is discussed, with special reference to the conditions necessary for reliable estimation of blue light–activated chloroplast responses.
    Isolation of Chloroplast Inner and Outer Envelope Membranes
    Authors:  Shiwen Wang, Lina Yin, Jun’ichi Mano and Kiyoshi Tanaka, date: 02/20/2015, view: 11480, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] The chloroplast is an important organelle found in plant cells that conduct photosynthesis. It is enclosed by a pair of closely spaced membranes, the double-membrane envelope, consisting of the inner membrane bounding the matrix or stroma and the outer membrane in contact with the cytoplasm. Like many bio-membranes, the chloroplast envelope plays ...
    Extraction of Chloroplast Proteins from Transiently Transformed Nicotiana benthamiana Leaves
    Author:  Joern Klinkenberg, date: 09/20/2014, view: 15992, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] This rapid protocol allows the extraction of chloroplast enriched proteins from Nicotiana benthamiana (N. benthamiana) leaves that were transiently transformed to express an epitope tagged protein of interest. Thus, it can serve as a tool to study the chloroplastidic localization of the protein of interest when it is combined ...
    Gradient Flotation Centrifugation of Chloroplast Membranes
    Authors:  Venkatasalam Shanmugabalaji and Felix Kessler, date: 09/05/2014, view: 9186, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Plastoglobules are lipoprotein particles physically attached to thylakoids in chloroplasts (Kessler et al., 1999). They are mainly composed of polar lipid, neutral lipids, and proteins (Vidi et al., 2006). Here we used simple sucrose gradient flotation centrifugation method to purify the plastoglobules from total chloroplast ...

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