Charles Tracy UT Southwestern Medical Center Dallas
3 protocols

Nilay Nandi UT Southwestern Medical Center Dallas
1 protocol

Helmut Krämer
  • Faculty, UT Southwestern Medical Center Dallas
Research focus
  • Molecular mechanisms of cellular stress responses
  • 3 Author merit


Ph.D., Universität Köln, 1989

Lab information

Helmut Kramer


3 Protocols published
In situ Dephosphorylation Assay with Recombinant Nil Phosphatase
Authors:  Nilay Nandi, Charles Tracy and Helmut Krämer, date: 09/20/2022, view: 942, Q&A: 0

The activity of numerous autophagy-related proteins depends on their phosphorylation status, which places importance on understanding the responsible kinases and phosphatases. Great progress has been made in identifying kinases regulating autophagy,

Isolation and Infection of Drosophila Primary Hemocytes
Authors:  Charles Tracy and Helmut Krämer, date: 06/05/2017, view: 9505, Q&A: 1
Phagocytosis of invading pathogens and their subsequent clearance in lysosomes is important for organismal fitness. We have devised the following protocol to extract phagocytic hemocytes from wild-type and mutant Drosophila larvae and ...
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