Fanja Rabenoelina
  • URVVC EA4707, UFR Sciences, University of Reims, France
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


M.Sc in Reproductive and Developmental Biology, University Montpellier, Montpellier, France, 1995

Current position

Engineer, URVVC EA4707, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France


  1. Sawicki, M., Courteaux, B., Rabenoelina, F., Baillieul, F., Clément, C., Barka, E. A., Jacquard, C. and Vaillant-Gaveau, N. (2016). Leaf vs. inflorescence: differences in photosynthetic activity of grapevine. Photosynthetica.

  2. Su, F., Jacquard, C., Villaume, S., Michel, J., Rabenoelina, F., Clement, C., Barka, E. A., Dhondt-Cordelier, S. and Vaillant-Gaveau, N. (2015). Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN reduces impact of freezing temperatures on photosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Front Plant Sci 6: 810.
  3. Gruau, C., Trotel-Aziz, P., Villaume, S., Rabenoelina, F., Clement, C., Baillieul, F. and Aziz, A. (2015). Pseudomonas fluorescens PTA-CT2 Triggers Local and Systemic Immune Response Against Botrytis cinerea in Grapevine. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 28(10): 1117-1129.
  4. Hatmi, S., Gruau, C., Trotel-Aziz, P., Villaume, S., Rabenoelina, F., Baillieul, F., Eullaffroy, P., Clement, C., Ferchichi, A. and Aziz, A. (2015). Drought stress tolerance in grapevine involves activation of polyamine oxidation contributing to improved immune response and low susceptibility to Botrytis cinerea. J Exp Bot 66(3): 775-787.
  5. Rakotoarivonina, H., Hermant, B., Aubry, N., Rabenoelina, F., Baillieul, F. and Remond, C. (2014). Dynamic study of how the bacterial breakdown of plant cell walls allows the reconstitution of efficient hemicellulasic cocktails. Bioresour Technol 170: 331-341.
  6. Le Henanff, G., Profizi, C., Courteaux, B., Rabenoelina, F., Gerard, C., Clement, C., Baillieul, F., Cordelier, S. and Dhondt-Cordelier, S. (2013). Grapevine NAC1 transcription factor as a convergent node in developmental processes, abiotic stresses, and necrotrophic/biotrophic pathogen tolerance. J Exp Bot 64(16): 4877-4893.
  7. Magnin-Robert, M., Letousey, P., Spagnolo, A., Rabenoelina, F., Jacquens, L., Mercier, L., Clément, C. and Fontaine, F. (2011). Leaf stripe form of esca induces alteration of photosynthesis and defence reactions in presymptomatic leaves. Funct Plant Biol 38, 856-866.
  8. Letousey, P., Baillieul, F., Perrot, G., Rabenoelina, F., Boulay, M., Vaillant-Gaveau, N., Clement, C. and Fontaine, F. (2010). Early events prior to visual symptoms in the apoplectic form of grapevine esca disease. Phytopathology 100(5): 424-431.
  9. Varnier, A. L., Sanchez, L., Vatsa, P., Boudesocque, L., Garcia-Brugger, A., Rabenoelina, F., Sorokin, A., Renault, J. H., Kauffmann, S., Pugin, A., Clement, C., Baillieul, F. and Dorey, S. (2009). Bacterial rhamnolipids are novel MAMPs conferring resistance to Botrytis cinerea in grapevine. Plant Cell Environ 32(2): 178-193.
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