Benedetta Mattei
  • Department of Biology and Biotechnology “C. Darwin”, University of Rome, Italy
Research fields
  • Plant science
Personal information


Ph.D. in Chemistry, Sapienza - University of Rome, 2000

Current position

Associate Professor in Plant Physiology, Sapienza - University of Rome, 2012

Publications (10 selected publications 2003-2014)

32 articles cited 1,811 times, h-index 19

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  5. Casasoli, M., Meliciani, I., Cervone, F., De Lorenzo, G. and Mattei, B. (2007). Oligogalacturonide-induced changes in the nuclear proteome of Arabidopsis thaliana. Int J Mass Spec 268(2): 277-283.
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  7. Ferrante, P., Masci, S., D'Ovidio, R., Lafiandra, D., Volpi, C. and Mattei, B. (2006). A proteomic approach to verify in vivo expression of a novel gamma-gliadin containing an extra cysteine residue. Proteomics 6(6): 1908-1914.
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