Measurement of Chlorophyll a and Carotenoids Concentration in Cyanobacteria   

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A brief version of this protocol appeared in:
Journal of Biotechnology
Nov 2012


This is a protocol for precise measurement of chlorophyll a and total carotenoid concentrations in cyanobacteria cells. Cellular chlorophyll concentration is one of the central physiological parameters, routinely followed in many research areas ranging from stress physiology to biotechnology. Carotenoids concentration is often related to cellular stress level; combined pigments assessment provides useful insight into cellular physiological state. The current protocol was established to minimize time and equipment requirements for the routine pigments analysis. It is important to note that this protocol is suitable only for cyanobacteria containing chlorophyll a, and is not designed for species containing other chlorophyll molecules.

Keywords: Pigments, Photosynthesis, Methanol extraction, Spectrophotometry

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How to cite: Zavřel, T., Sinetova, M. A. and Červený, J. (2015). Measurement of Chlorophyll a and Carotenoids Concentration in Cyanobacteria. Bio-protocol 5(9): e1467. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.1467.

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