Protocols in Current Issue
    Putrescine Biosynthesis Inhibition in Tomato by DFMA and DFMO Treatment
    [Abstract] This protocol can be used to inhibit the biosynthesis of polyamines, specifically putrescine, in tomato plants grown with NH4+ as a solely N source. In general, polyamines are positively charged small metabolites implicated in physiological processes, including organogenesis, embryogenesis, floral initiation and development, ...
    Quantification of Callose Deposition in Plant Leaves
    [Abstract] Callose is an amorphous homopolymer, composed of β-1, 3-glucan, which is widespread in higher plants. Callose is involved in multiple aspects of plant growth and development. It is synthetized in plants at the cell plate during cytokinesis, in several stages during pollen development and is deposited at plasmodesmata to regulate the cell-to-cell ...

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