Protocols in Current Issue
    Protocol for Enrichment of the Membrane Proteome of Mature Tomato Pollen
    [Abstract] We established and elaborated on a method to enrich the membrane proteome of mature pollen from economically relevant crop using the example of Solanum lycopersicum (tomato). To isolate the pollen protein fraction enriched in membrane proteins, a high salt concentration (750 mM of sodium chloride) was used. The membrane protein-enriched ...
    Measurement of Cellular Redox in Pollen with Redox-Sensitive GFP (roGFP) Using Live Cell Imaging
    Authors:  Wei-Jie Huang and Wei-Hua Tang, date: 03/05/2015, view: 9371, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Redox homeostasis is a fundamental property of living cells and responds actively to both cellular metabolism and external stimulus. The development of redox-sensitive GFP (roGFP) enables dynamic monitoring of changes in cellular redox poise (Hanson et al., 2014). When excited alternatively at 405 nm and 488 nm, these probes exhibit ...

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