Protocols in Current Issue
    Resin-embedded Thin-section Immunohistochemistry Coupled with Triple Cellular Counterstaining
    Authors:  William M Palmer, John W Patrick and Yong-Ling Ruan, date: 04/05/2017, view: 6804, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] This protocol was developed to study protein localisation within the vascular bundles of developing tomato fruit however, it can be applied to any resin embedded plant tissue. The vascular bundle is comprised of many different cells that all have unique properties. The mature sieve elements are enucleated and contain sieve plates that comprise of ...
    Subchromoplast Fractionation Protocol for Different Solanaceae Fruit Species
    [Abstract] Macromolecules, proteins, lipids, and other small molecules, such as carotenoids can be studied within different tissues and organelles using an array of in vitro and in vivo methodologies. In the case of tomato and other fleshy fruit the predominant organelle in ripe fruit is the chromoplast. The characteristic feature of this ...
    Infection Assays of Tomato and Apple Fruit by the Fungal Pathogen Botrytis cinerea
    Authors:  Zhanquan Zhang, Guozheng Qin, Boqiang Li and Shiping Tian, date: 12/05/2014, view: 11739, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Botrytis cinerea (B. cinerea) is an aggressive fungal pathogen that infects more than 200 plant species. Furthermore, the pathogen can attack fruits of some plants, such as tomato and apple. B. cinerea has become one of the model systems in molecular phytopathology because of its economic importance and sophisticated ...

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