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0 Q&A 9276 Views Dec 5, 2016
We describe a protocol to purify latex bead phagosomes (LBPs) from Dictyostelium cells. These can be later used for various in vitro functional assays. For instance, we use these LBPs to understand the microtubule motor-driven transport on in vitro polymerized microtubules. Phagosomes are allowed to mature for defined periods inside cells before extraction for in vitro motility. These assays allow us to probe how lipids on the phagosome membrane recruit and organize motors, and also measure the motion and force generation resulting from underlying lipid-motor interactions. This provides a unique opportunity to interrogate native-like organelles using biophysical and biochemical assays, and understand the role of motor proteins in phagosome maturation and pathogen clearance.

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