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0 Q&A 11627 Views Sep 5, 2013
Chemoresistance is one of the special properties of cancer stem cells, which is the main cause of chemotherapy failure and plays an important role in the recurrence of various cancers including osteosarcoma. The most widely used assay for evaluating chemoresistance is the modified cell proliferation assay. An equal number of cells are seeded onto 96-well culture plates or 24-well plates, and then different concentrations of anti-cancer drugs are added into each well. After that, measure the cell density or cell activity to observe the effect of anti-cancer drugs to cancer cells or cancer stem cells. The chemoresistance of cells is stronger, the cell density or cell activity is higher. Here, we describe chemosensitivity assays for osteosarcoma cells and osteosarcoma stem-like cells.

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