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    Immunogold Localization of Molecular Constituents Associated with Basal Bodies, Flagella, and Extracellular Matrices in Male Gametes of Land Plants
    [Abstract] Male gametes (spermatozoids) are the only motile cells produced during the life cycle of land plants. While absent from flowering and most cone-bearing plants, motile cells are found in less derived taxa, including bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and hornworts), pteridophytes (lycophytes and ferns) and some seed plants (Ginkgo and cycads). ...
    Scanning Electron Microscopy of Motile Male Gametes of Land Plants
    Authors:  Karen Sue Renzaglia, Renee A. Lopez and Steven J. Schmitt, date: 10/05/2017, view: 6931, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] The only motile cells produced in land plants are male gametes (spermatozoids), which are reduced to non-flagellated cells in flowering plants and most gymnosperms. Although a coiled architecture is universal, the complexity of land plant flagellated cells varies from biflagellated in bryophytes to thousands of flagella per gametes in the seed ...
    Transmission Electron Microscopy of Centrioles, Basal Bodies and Flagella in Motile Male Gametes of Land Plants
    [Abstract] Motile male gametes (spermatozoids) of land plants are coiled and contain a modified and precisely organized complement of organelles that includes a locomotory apparatus with two to thousands of flagella. Each flagellum is generated from a basal body that originates de novo as a centriole in spermatogenous cell lineages. Much of what is ...

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