Protocols in Current Issue
    Patch-clamp Recordings and Single Fiber Labeling from Spiral Ganglion Somata in Acutely Prepared Semi-intact Cochleae from Neonatal Rats
    Authors:  Alexander L. Markowitz, Megana R. Iyer and Radha Kalluri, date: 01/05/2022, view: 1376, Q&A: 0

    Spiral ganglion neurons (SGN) are the primary neuronal pathway for transmitting sensory information from the inner ear to the brainstem. Recent studies have revealed significant biophysical and molecular diversity indicating that auditory neurons are comprised of sub-groups whose intrinsic properties contribute to their diverse functions. Previous

    Headpost Surgery for in vivo Electrophysiological Recording in the Mouse Inferior Colliculus during Locomotion
    Authors:  Yoonsun Yang and Gunsoo Kim, date: 12/05/2020, view: 1865, Q&A: 0

    The inferior colliculus (IC) is a critical midbrain integration center for auditory and non-auditory information. Although much is known about the response properties of the IC neurons to auditory stimuli, how the IC neural circuits function during movement such as locomotion remains poorly understood. Mice offer a valuable model in this respect,

    Evoked Potential Recordings of Auditory Brainstem Activity in the Mouse: An Optimized Method for the Assessment of Hearing Function of Mice
    Author:  Neil J. Ingham, date: 12/05/2019, view: 3505, Q&A: 0
    [Abstract] Hearing loss is a common sensory deficiency suffered by millions worldwide. It is a heterogeneous condition and genetics plays a critical role in its etiology. Gene variants can fundamentally alter hearing function, or predispose the auditory system towards loss of function resulting from other factors. In mouse studies of hearing loss and gene ...

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