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0 Q&A 4950 Views May 5, 2018
We propose a modified RNA-Seq method for small subunit ribosomal RNA (SSU rRNA)-based microbial community analysis that depends on the direct ligation of a 5’ adaptor to RNA before reverse-transcription. The method requires only a low-input quantity of RNA (10-100 ng) and does not require a DNA removal step. Using this method, we could obtain more 16S rRNA sequences of the same regions (variable regions V1-V2) without the interference of DNA in order to analyze OTU (operational taxonomic unit)-based microbial communities and diversity. The generated SSU rRNA sequences are also suitable for the coverage evaluation for bacterial universal primer 8F (Escherichia coli position 8 to 27), which is commonly used for bacterial 16S rRNA gene amplification. The modified RNA-Seq method will be useful to determine potentially active microbial community structures and diversity for various environmental samples, and will also be useful for identifying novel microbial taxa.

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